UV irradiation is likely to cause keratitis and conjunctivitis, induce skin cancer and weaken the immune system. The anti-UV fishing on the textiles can help prevent light tendering and fading, so the protective properties of anti-UV finishing are extensive.

By selecting woven fabrics which have the ability to absorb UV(anti-UV functional fibers) and by adopting UV absorbers, the company has enhanced the fabric UV absorption ability. In the meantime, the application of appropriate fabric structures, such as the fabric tightness and flatness, increases the reflectivity against the light; In addition, by applying the UV-reflecting agents through the means of dyeing and finishing process, the fabric has UV protection.

With the light stabilizer as the base material and the the use of polymer nano-microencapsulation technology, the company has prepared the stable dispersing type finishing agents with 20 ~ 80nm particle size. The light stabilizers are set into the internal fibers and fixed on them in the form of nano-particles by means of cure processes, as a result, the fabric has excellent UV resistance. Our product meet the standards listed below: EN13758-1:2001, EN13758-2:2003, AS/NZS 4399:1996, AATCC183-2004. <GB/T18830-2009 Textile UV Protection Performance Evaluation > . Our anti-UV products can meet UPF50+ as customer’s requested. Besides, it has excellent absorbition to Uv in 108~400 mm, especially UV-a and UV-b. After treatment, the UV transmittance of such products can be controlled within 3%. The light fastness of dyed fabrics is 1-2 levels higher than that of products which are not treated by nanometer, and by this, the functional requirements of high-end textiles can be reached.

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