Generally, such finishing is applied to the dacron or cotton-polyester blended fabrics, while the agent used is primarily a complex object with water-dispersible polyester as the based component. By processing, the originally hydrophobic surface of the polyester is changed to the hydrophilic surface, while because the water repellent nature of the polyester is not changed, so the absorbed moisture can quickly diffuse into the atmosphere, resulting in the excellent moisture absorption and sweat releasing effect with good washable performances. Tests of capillary effect on fabric lead to a result of more than 15cm, diffusion time of water drop is less than 1.5 second.

Moisture adsorption & sweat removing fibers are also used for the production. Generally having a higher specific surface area, the moisture adsorption & sweat removing fibers have numerous holes or grooves on the surface, of which the cross section is usually specially shaped. By the capillary effect, the fibers can rapidly absorb the moisture and sweat on the skin surface, and then diffuse them outside.

Through the fabric structure design and fiber modification, the features of moisture absorption, mobility and sweat releasing have been changed, achieving the absorbent and quick drying property at the same time, thereby maintaining the dry and comfortable feeling on the skin. Meanwhile, even in the wet state, the fluff binding is not likely to occur, so the comfortable micro-climate state between the fabric and the skin can be maintained to improve the comfort, so that the fabric has both the feeling of cotton products and a refreshing effect. In the sports field, this feature has been identified as prescribed function, and demands for such kinds of fibers in the sportswear field are very strong.

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