Department Responsibility

As a very important technical section to the dyeing factory and a key of technical work, laboratory is primarily responsible for vetting order, sampling grey cloth, supplying advance order sample and advance duplicate sample of production for the customer in time, and appropriately managing color sample of customer, accurately measuring color for order in production, providing technical supports to sample and measure chromatic aberration for sales department, finished control department and grey cloth section, and working on controlling color shade, chromatic aberration and saturation in 0.8 so as to meet customer’s requirements.

Earnest first, intelligence second; Customer first, staff second; Consequence first, reason second;


Introduction of Instrument

The laboratory is equipped with advanced color tester, such as x-5 DYEING through thermal conductivity infrared color tester, A8 electro-thermal all-round color tester and normal temperature color tester-LA swing type, all of which meet the proofing requirements of multiple raw material fabrics and the even stirring avoids color tone caused by man-made stirring; LA-620 double-balance mother liquor making machine can be used to automatically prepare mother liquor with different concentrations and increase efficiency and accuracy, meanwhile, AUTOLAB TF system is of pipeless type, which adopts independent injector to put mother liquor bottle into a dyeing cup so as to rule out any possibility of cross contamination.
The laboratory is further equipped with five kinds of light boxes, including P60 five light sources standard type: D65 TL84 UV F TL83/U30, P60 seven light sources:D65 TL84 UV F TL83/U30 A, British VERIVIDE CAC120 light box, and American GRETAGMACBETH JUDE, therefore the color assessing personnel can assess color under the light source required by the customer.
The proofing personnel can use DATACOLOR----DATAMATCH computer color measuring and shading machine to mix color and measure proofing color, and mix and measure QTX grade color.


Introduction of Staff

The laboratory consists of 4 parts and 1 data processor who is responsible for sample registration, storage, filing, formula inputting and management work with 9 years’ experience in dyeing industry and in modifying and inputting formula; 1 chemical material tester, who is responsible for chemicals and dyes and chemicals test work and knows category and characteristics of dyes and chemicals well; and 6 proofing personnel with at least three years proofing experience and 4 duplicate sample personnel. The proofing personnel is primarily responsible for making sample, sticking sample, maintaining equipment, making abnormity report and regularly checking post sanitary conditions. The duplicate sample personnel is responsible for proofing duplicate sample of reactive disperse cationic acid dye and has rich experience in shading mass production color; laboratory director and vice director who own at least nine years laboratory work experience and are responsible for carefully matching color of proofing personnel, and mixing and modifying color for sample not satisfying customer requirement and mass production color, they have specific experience in making and modifying process.


Introduction of Team

Laboratory director:Lu Honghua

Bachelor degree, has 12 years laboratory work experience in proofing and duplicate sample color of laboratory, and mixing and modifying mass production color. And they also have specific experience in making and modifying process.

Crew leader of laboratory:Zhao Jinhai

Bachelor degree, has 8 years laboratory work experience in mixing proofing color of laboratory and modifying mass production color.

Chemical material personnel:Chen Ting

with Bachelor degree has 6 years proofing experience.
Rights and liabilities of chemical material personnel: the chemical material testing personnel is responsible for chemical materials and dyes and chemicals testing work.

Data processor:Zhao Jufen

with associate degree, has 9 years work experience in modifying and inputting formula.
Rights and liabilities of data processor: the data processor is responsible for sample registration, registration, storage, filing, and formula inputting and management work.

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