Every detail of the order is the most important one.
Our salesman will provide patient and detailed replies to each inquiry.
Business department will reply the customer inquiry in time after confirming the specfictions of inquiry and provide the most competitive price.
A continuous and detailed negotiation is what we need to provide you a competitive deal.
Order follow-up

Specially-assigned person will follow up the order production, control the quality and give lastest report.

A miss is as good as a mile. Precision comes form strict standard.
Repeatedly making samples to figure out the most appropriate recipe to match the color sample or color data provided by the customer. The whole process is mechanized and highly accurate.
Mathc is an enssential part before massive production. We have Data-color machine to verify the color difference between customer’s sample and ours.

Samples will be sent to customer for final confirm. After confirming sucessfully order will be put into production.

Fine fabric comes from best gary cloth.
Special person in charge of quality of yarn which only brought from trustworthy enterprise.
Our cooperating yarn company has all most advanced FUKUHARA weaving machines and MAYER CIE RELANIT3.2 II from Germany.
Employees in cooperating company will get standard trainning before working to foster carfulness and profertional skills.

Every yard of each roll of fabric must be inspected before dyed.

It’s not equipment and process, but also carfulness and duty.
We have 39 sets of dyeing machines in various kinds, incluing THEN machine with bath ratio of 1:3.
Washing off impurity and oil on gray cloth to ensure the best dyeing effect.
Scientific production schedule and the whole production tracking and minimize human factors impact on the quality of products.
Waste water

With a complete Sewage treatment systems we are able to make sure that no sewage is pulled outside.

With advanced equipment and scientific management as the guarantee of quality
Finishing Process
Finishing processes affect fabric on various physical and color performence. Normally it contains: washing, softening, forming, drying, sanding, shaking and so on.
Knowing that the instrument is the first element to determine technology, our factory has purchased various cloth finishing instruments with international advanced level, for example, lafer cropping machine and Farraro pre-shrinking machine made in Italy, Bruckner setting stenter made in Germany, and Saunderson loose dryer made in Switzerland, to assure superior quality for the customer.

Scientific factory management and experienced front-line workers are assurance of product quality in the other aspect. Complete production information record, high degree of automation, precise finishing equipment, quality tracing control of each finishing process, in-time defect control and return management.

First important in executive; Last stop for defective.
Fully responsible for the quality control of finished products. Products should be inspected in accordance with standards required by customer, usually AATCC, M&C, ASTMD, ISO and JIS standards are adopted, while full-inspection system is implemented for finished products by using tension-free cloth inspecting machine and measuring instruments, measuring each piece of cloth, recording, summarizing and evaluating the defects of each piece of cloth to ensure they can be warehoused only after meeting standards.

With at least 3-5 years working experience, each QC professional staff is able to track quality control in each link, cooperate with the sales team, provide in-time production feedback and quality report for customer, participate into product development and trail production quality, make and carry out non-conforming product precautionary measures, cooperate with other factories to assist quality capability and evaluate quality capability and quality control performance.

What is required in long-term transpotation? Patience and fabric that stands stuffiness and sweet.
The company adopts standard plastic bag to pack yardage roll to keep products from rain and damage during transport. The best precaution has been provided for all problems that may occur during transport. Double plastic bag packages may minimize the damage to products. Cloth pH should be controlled to be lower than 7 so as to prevent heating or yellowing cloth during long-distance transport.
Entering warehouse

Generally, product warehousing will be arranged a week before transportation to guarantee date of delivery.

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